Great Biology Videos for High School

Using videos has always been a part of teaching Biology. During the last year, it has become such an important tool to use during virtual classes. 

I use a lot of videos to review topics with my students. They also make for great conversation starters or to engage them when introducing a new topic.

Organizing my Videos

I link all my videos in my Year Plan Google Sheet (see this blog post for more information). I also have an Airtable for each subject where I add interesting videos as I come across them. Assigning a topic to them makes it easy to filter when I am looking for a video for a specific lesson. 

Google Classroom

I add videos to Google Classroom throughout the year. Even if we are teaching face to face. My students know that they can go and find videos for every topic to use for review before tests or exams. Everything that I show them in class will go into Google Classroom. I also add links to extra videos and YouTube channels.

Favorite Biology Videos

Crash Course

I love all things Crash Course! These videos are often aimed at AP-level students, but I do use them with other groups as well. I will just point out that there is more information in the video that they need to know. 
Crash Course Biology covers everything from cells to organ systems, genetics and much more.
Crash Course A&P Teaching Anatomy and Physiology? Look no further! These videos are detailed and a lot of fun.
Crash Course Ecology For my ecology unit, this Crash Course channel is my go-to.

Amoeba Sisters

The Amoeba Sisters are a favorite in many Biology classes. Their videos are short, to the point and students love the humor.

Great Videos to Start a Unit

Looking for some amazing videos to start a unit and grab your students’ attention? Here are some of my favorites.

Cell structure

Heart internal structure

Meselson & Stahl

Inside a Leaf

Single-cell to fully grown newt

Videos are fun, engaging and often show things that you can’t. Don’t be afraid to use them!

If you are looking to build your own library of Biology videos, you can use this free Airtable Base to organize all your videos.

Keep a lookout for my next blog post on all my favorite Chemistry Videos.