Awesome Chemistry Videos for High School

In my previous blog post, I shared some of my favorite Biology videos to use in the classroom, how I use them and how I organize all my videos. In this blog post, I will be sharing some awesome videos for teaching Chemistry in High School.

A big part of any Chemistry syllabus consists of ideas and models that students can’t see. Videos are really useful in helping them visualize these concepts. 

Another of my favorite ways to use videos in my Chemistry classroom is as a tool for review. A quick video at the end of the topic helps students to put all the ideas together and get the big picture. Using videos at the start of a unit is also useful. 

I create a video library for each topic in Google Classroom. My students find it very useful when they prepare for tests and exams. As my one senior said: “When your teacher is not available at 10 pm on a Saturday night, these videos are a lifesaver!”

And let’s be honest, sometimes they just need to hear the same thing from someone that’s not their teacher!

In my senior classes, we use Scribble Notes to take notes while watching certain videos. This helps to reinforce the concepts and they don’t see a video as a break to do nothing.

My Favorite Chemistry Videos

Crash Course Chemistry

As with Biology, this is one of my go-to channels on YouTube when it comes to Chemistry concepts. It is aimed at AP-level classes but can be used with some other groups as well. Sometimes I will just show sections of the videos. 

The Organic Chemistry section also has a great selection of videos that can be used to introduce the different topics. 

Sadia Malik

Sadia’s YouTube Channel has been a lifesaver during distance learning. My students could work through her videos independently to prepare for an online lesson. I even watch them as a refresher before I start teaching Organic Chemistry.


LabXchange is a gold mine of information, videos and animation. You can set up pathways for your students to work through. You can work through several tutorials that will help you discover the full potential of this amazing website.

If you want to create your own Chemistry Video Library, be sure to get this Free Airtable Base to help you organize your video links by topic. This will be a huge timesaver!