Using Boom Cards in the Secondary Classroom

Boom Cards certainly experienced a “Boom” over the last year. This self-grading, paperless activities became a lifesaver for many teachers during distance learning.

They are virtual task cards and activities that are hosted on the Boom Learning platform. You can create your own decks or buy some from the huge variety available.

I often get asked whether Boom Cards are suitable for secondary students. The answer is an absolute “YES”! My students are huge fans of these digital task cards and this teacher loves the fact that they are so easy to use and hardly take any of my time to prep.

You can find loads of information on setting up your account, the different options available, assigning decks to students, and much more on the Boom Learning site and their YouTube channel.

Why use Boom Cards?

One of the main reasons why I use Boom Cards is that they are self-grading. In a world of neverending mountains of assignments waiting to be graded, anything that is self-grading is a win in my book. You can also easily track each student’s progress on the teacher platform. 

Now that we are back to face-to-face teaching, I still assign decks to my students to complete at home in their own time. You can even link your Boom Classes to Google Classroom, which makes it even easier to assign decks.

When can you use Boom Cards?

Decks of cards can be used in so many ways. I usually assign decks for review before an assessment. As they are self-grading, students get immediate feedback and can see which areas they need to focus on when they study for the test or exam.

They have saved me quite a few times when I needed an emergency sub-plan. I could assign the decks from home and the substitute teacher did not have to worry about making copies of worksheets, etc. 

I also use it at the start of a new unit to see where my students are at. My Biology End of Year Deck is also perfect for the start of the school year!

Would you like to try a deck?

You can get my Lab Equipment Boom Cards here to try with your students. These come in very handy at the start of the school year. Let me know what you think!

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