Seven Tips for the End of Year to make Back to school easier

The end of the longest school year in history is drawing nearer for many. Well done! You’ve made it! (Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we still have 6 months to go.) Chances are that you are probably exhausted and counting down the days, but I truly believe that it is important to do some prep at the end of the year so that the next one is off to a smoother start.

Getting organized - why bother?

The temptation to just leave everything until the end of the summer will be very real. I totally get it. However, just sorting a few things before your break will make you feel so much better. You will be able to really enjoy your break without that dreaded to-do list hanging over you.  It is not necessary that you to work yourself to death, but focusing on a few basic things will ensure that your BTS prep will be much less stressful.

Here are a few of my recommendations. I always try to get this done before I pack my bags for the beach.

Clearout and organize your email

I try to stay on top of my inbox throughout the year, but let’s be honest, it is often a disaster zone. Taking time at the end of the school year to organize and delete your emails will be a huge timesaver in the future. Erin over at has an ABC Countdown email challenge that helps you to sort through the chaos.

Get on top of your Google Drive

The Google Drive is like Monica’s secret closet. I used to be terrified of opening it and start looking for files, etc. Once again Erin came to the rescue with her Google Drive Detox. If you haven’t checked it out yet you really need to! My Google Drive actually has some sense and order to it.

Clearout you downloads folder

Oh boy! This folder seems to have a life of its own! I try to stay on top of it and sort through it every Friday… I try… Now is a great time to go through all the files, move them to the correct folders and delete duplicates.


Confession time! I have a box under my desk where all the papers go that need to be filed. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I know I need to tackle it and just file everything, but I always find something more important (interesting) to do. I usually end up sorting through it before we go on break. This may be used as an excuse to get pretty files, but at least the filing gets done. Trust me, don’t leave it until next year!

Sort subject folders

If you already know what you will be teaching next year, get your folders sorted now! I have plastic envelopes for each subject group that I use for keeping copies, etc. in. I probably spend way too much time creating pretty covers, but that’s one of the best parts of being a teacher!

Stationery and Planner shopping

This is why we became teachers, right? I try to get most of my stationery shopping done before the BTS craziness starts. I stock up on Flair pens and Inkjoys throughout the year (whenever someone comes to South Africa from the USA). I also order an Erin Condren planner every year. Add all the stickers, sticky notes, and notebooks, and you are sorted for the new year!

Lab planning

This is the area that I need to work on. I know that taking a day at the end of the year to go through all the lab equipment, chemicals and disposable products will save me a lot of time and many tears in the next year. I have created an Airtable base to track what I need to reorder for at least the first 2 months of the school year.


You are tired and you just want to start your break. But getting some planning done now will benefit you so much later on. I shared some tips and ideas in a previous blog post.

You can grab a free copy of my Lab Planning Airtable Base here. I have included a tutorial to show you how I use it, but you can customize it for your needs.
I hope you find some things here that you could implement right now to make your BTS season go a bit smoother and make your life a little less busy.


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