Middle School Science Review Activities Bundle: Color by Number


This Middle School Science Review Activities Bundle provides fun and engaging color by number activities for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These are great for review or the days leading up to a holiday with themed activities to help you celebrate holidays in your Middle School Science classes. They also work well for sub-lessons.

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How to use Color by Number Activities in your classroom:

⭐️ These are great as review activities to assess what students remember from previous years.

⭐️ I love using these as emergency sub-plans (even with my High School students!)

⭐️ They are engaging, fun activities for those early finishers.

What are customers saying about these Middle School Science Review Activities?

❤️ “This bundle was used with my gifted students’ hybrid classes. It was easy to leave work for the substitute and the online students. The students could do the work without guidance from the teacher.”

❤️”My students loved this resource and had fun with it. ”

❤️ “My students really enjoyed using this activity for reviewing.”

Currently included:

✎ Acids and Alkali

✎ Atomic Structure

✎ Chemical Reactions

✎ Electricity

✎ Introduction to Science

✎ Magnets

✎ Human Body (Holiday Edition)

✎ Periodic Table (Holiday Edition)

✎ General Biology (Holiday Edition)

✎ General Chemistry (Holiday Edition)

✎ General Physics (Holiday Edition)

✎ Chemical Formulae (Halloween Edition)

✎ General Biology (Halloween Edition)

✎ General Physics (Halloween Edition)

✎ Circulatory System (Valentine’s Day Edition)

✎ Rocks & Rock Cycle (Valentine’s Day Edition)

✎ Forces (Easter Edition)

✎ Human Skeleton (Easter Edition)

✎ Greek Roots in Science

✎ Latin Roots in Science

✎ Cells

✎ Plate Tectonics

✎ Light & Sound

✎ Balancing Equations (Thanksgiving Edition)

✎ Lab Equipment

✎ Metric System

✎ Photosynthesis

✎ Classification

✎ Body Systems (Thanksgiving Edition)

✎ Energy (Thanksgiving Edition)

✎ Atoms and Elements

✎ Metals and Non-metals

✎ States of Matter (St Patrick’s Day Edition)

✎ Diffusion, Osmosis and Active Transport

✎ Lab Safety

✎ Scientific Method

✎ Counting Atoms (Halloween Themed)

✎ Women in Science

✎ Earth Day Nutrient Cycles

✎ Ecology

✎ Human Influences on the Environment

✎ Significant Figures

✎ Density

✎ Space and Astronomy

✎ Plant Reproduction

✎ Pressure

✎ Speed and Acceleration (Kinematics)

✎ Volcanoes and Earthquakes

✎ Reactivity Series and Displacement Reactions

✎ Variables (Halloween Themed)

✎ Separation Techniques (Halloween Themed)


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Middle School Science Review Activities Bundle: Color by Number