Chemical Reactions Review Activity: Color by Number


This Chemical Reactions Review Activity will be a great addition to your chemical reactions unit. This review activity is perfect for Middle School Science classes and will allow your students to color and have fun whilst reviewing chemical reactions.

Included in this Chemical Reactions Color by Number Activity:

⚛ Color-by-number student page

⚛ 20 questions on chemical reactions

⚛ Answer Key & Picture

How to use Color by Number Activities in your classroom:

⭐️ These are great as review activities to assess what students remember from previous years.

⭐️ I love using these as emergency sub-plans (even with my High School students!)

⭐️ They are engaging, fun activities for those early finishers.

What are customers saying about this Chemical Reactions Science Color by Number activity?

❤️ “An excellent and well thought-out resource that would be fun for students and easy to use.”

❤️ “A great way to review reactions! My advanced students loved it!”

❤️ “I use these coloring sheets as extra credit! The kids enjoy doing them and they are very helpful!”

This product forms part of my Color-by-Number Growing Bundle and Chemistry Color by Number Bundle

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Chemical Reactions Review Activity: Color by Number