Biology Review and Sub Plan Bundle: Color by Number


This Biology Review and Sub Plan Color by Number Bundle will be a lifesaver in your Biology and Life Science classes. These no prep, print and go activities are perfect for reviewing key concepts in Middle School Biology classes. I even use them in my High School classes!

Each Biology Color by Number Activity includes:

⚛ Color-by-number student page

⚛ 20 questions on a specific topic

⚛ Answer Key & Picture

How to use Color by Number Activities in your classroom:

⭐️ These are great as review activities to assess what students remember from previous years.

⭐️ I love using these as emergency sub-plans (even with my High School students!)

⭐️ They are engaging, fun activities for those early finishers.

What are customers saying about these Review and Sub Plan Color by Number Activity Bundles?

❤️ “Coloring by number is always an activity that I like to do when reviewing content because I am able to review it in a less stressful, fun way. These color by number activities would also be a great extra credit assignment or a great “choice” assignment if you do choice boards! My kids are in high school and they enjoy color by numbers!”

❤️ “Students love doing these and its a great review. Thanks!”

Topics currently included:

✅ Plant and Animal Cells

✅ Classification and Taxonomy

✅ Human Skeleton (Easter Themed)

✅ Biology Review (Halloween Themed)

✅ General Biology (Holiday Themed)

✅ Human Body (Holiday Themed)

✅ Photosynthesis

✅ Body Systems (Thanksgiving Themed)

✅ Circulatory System (Valentine’s Day Themed)

✅ Diffusion, Osmosis, and Active Transport

✅ Nitrogen, Water and Carbon Cycles (Earth Day Themed)

✅ Ecology

✅ Human Influences on the Environment

This product forms part of my Color-by-Number Growing Bundle.

Thank you for your support!



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Biology Review and Sub Plan Bundle: Color by Number